Location with semantics for Apps

We give meaning to user location. Understand your users and make your app react to their context.

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500 millions of Devices

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Track push campaigns

Visits Analytics

Insights on the behavior of your userbase

Location → Visits → User Context → Interests

Understand where your app is most used and get to know your audience. Create segmented campaigns and increase engagement by delivering notifications at the right context.

Push notification

Send push notifications at specific places

No hassle with (lat,lng), no geofences

Manage places and categories of places, no geocoding.

Use our places database

25M places mapped.

Smartphone with push notification

Accuracy and battery consumption trade-off is a fallacy

Welcome to the new era of location

How does it work?

Smartphone in a unknown building


We detect meaningful stops.

Smartphone in a unknown building


We read available device sensors (GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi...)

Smartphone in a unknown building


We match sensor measure with our sensors database.

Smartphone in a unknown building


We attribute visit to the right place.

InLocoEngage.init(this, options);


Integrate our lightweight iOS and Android SDKs.

Capture user context

We'll start learning about the user and generating key events.

InLocoEngage.presentNotification(this, pushContent);

Handle user events

Send contextual push notification or use one of our 3rd party integrations.

Battery icon

˜0.5% battery consumption per day

Lightweight SDK, optimized to be energy efficient and resilient to failures.

Geofence icon

No beacons or geofences

Minimal set up and no hassle to maintain. It just works.

Home/Work icon

Home & Work detection

Get a perspective on user context to engage at the right moment.

Privacy icon

Privacy compliant

No sensitive user information collected.

Case study

Méliuz and 100% engagement increase

“With In Loco's campaign we are able to know if the user is really inside a certain place and we reach them at the very moment they buy something.”

Fernando Brustolini

Product Manager @ Méliuz